To promote a world where every individual has access to the full knowledge of their genetic makeup in order to make the most informed decisions about health and well being throughout the course of their life.


We see a world in which information drives healthy decisions—at the community level through awareness, and at the individual level through testing.


  • To provide ease of access to genetic testing for early detection of potential health-related issues and diseases.
  • To promote knowledge on matters pertaining to genetic testing and training of healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners, and associates.
  • To support scientific research, advancement of evidence-informed data, and the broad dissemination of collaborative healthcare and preventative treatments through grants and direct program delivery.

Grant Making

Early Detection Foundation was established in 2018 as a pubic grant making charity that operates from the belief that health awareness is an essential component of optimal living, and that entire communities functioning on sound principles relating to health, inclusion, and mutual support offer the best opportunities for mutually successful lifestyles. Learn more about EDF’s grant making and the organizations we support.

Be Tested

Genetic testing takes place through a simple oral swab.
The process is fast, noninvasive, and is considered to be painless.

Testing Locations & Times

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